My Gear

For those new and upcoming Dj’s in the industry, I’ve included some of the gear that I use and recommend. Some of this stuff has been with me for years and is built to last.


My headphones are the best example of gear that last. I’ve been using my current pair of headphones for over 8 years. Sony professional are built well. I’ve always used an old crown royal bag to keep the cord from getting tangled in my backpack, I did have the luxury of a fancy bag like this one.

Players & Controllers

Now onto the player / controller itself. I’ve used everything from CD walk-mens to cassette players to playing off of a DAT player. Let’s be honest, this is all about having fun and giving your audience a show, so I will tell you that I have the most fun when performing with turntables or my Rane Twelves. Here goes some info on those…

The Technic 1200 is an incredible tool and you should read up on how Grandmaster Flash brought it into the Dj world, BUT for the money now-a-days… I would say the Pioneer is perfect for the it’s price.

Pioneer Turntables

Head Shell

I’ve had several different cartridges and in my opinion they all do the job. Just make sure it has room on top to add weight if needed. Yup, you can tape a nickle.

Needles & Cartridge

For the longest time, I used Ortofons but these seem to last longer and stay in your grooves.

Protective Case

Protect those needles. It’s a sad day when one breaks.


These bad boys with some wax paper or gently sprayed with Armour-All makes all the difference.

Serato Wax

You need that tone for Serato. You are going to need records.

Record Cleaner

Keeping your records clean prevents them from skipping. Get those dust bunnies off your needles.

Battle Style Coffin

Protect your investment. Use a coffin.

And now my new favorites.

Rane Seventy-Two

Love this thing, what can I say.

Rane Twelve

I am still using the butter rugs with these. It makes a world of difference.

Odyssey Battle Coffin

Protect that gear!